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The most gorgeous colour combination of teal, burgundy, ivory, red and gold patterned Wayuu Mochila bag with matching tassels and strap.

All our Mochila's are 100% made from fine Colombian cotton and ,woven into single thread process from the base of the bag to ensure as few stitch joins as possible for maximum strength and quality. The technique is more labour intensive then the common two thread technique. Each Wayuu Mochila takes four weeks to weave and results in a Mochila bag of the highest quality.

By purchasing one of these bags you are helping sustain the economic growth of the Wayuu Tribe in Colombia. The popularity of these bags is a wonderful thing for the woman who help sustain their villages economy by making these beautiful bags. 

Each Wayuu bag is a unique work of art, created as the result of hundreds of years of weaving tradition by the Wayuu women. With intricate tribal designs and colour that expresses the Artisans natural elements that surround the Wayuu such as animals, the sun, sea plants and the stars. All our bags are designed by the Wayuu women making them traditional designs.

Our Wayuu Mochila Bags are 100% handmade in the Guajira Peninsula, Northern Colombia by the women from the Wayuu tribe. 

The bags can be hand-washed or machine washed on a cool & delicate setting.

Type: Design Bucket Bag, Acrylic, Cotton Drawstring tie with tassels.

Size: Approx. (h) 300mm x (w) 200mm x (d) 200mm



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