About Us

El Raco Australia is an online store based in Perth, Western Australia, which was launched by Leanne in March 2018. 

After falling in love with glitter Avarca sandals, and being stopped on a daily basis about where I got them from. I decided to learn more about the Avarca sandal, and the artisan tradition of them. I contacted the leading manufacturer in Menorca ,Castell they have been producing the Avarca sandal for over 30 years with 350 retailers worldwide.  They produce authentic Avarca sandals, which are certified by the Menorca government. Each El Raco Australia shoe crafted, is complimented with the careful selection of materials and the meticulously laid details in each model. I have been able to collaborate making custom unique designs, colours and fabrics to suite the Australian market and current fashion trends. These are not just any Avarca sandals, they are the highest quality Avarca sandals you can get. Lovingly handmade with the highest attention to detail, quality leathers and all ethically and sustainably made on the island of Menorca. 

During the El Raco journey, I also discovered Wayuu Mochila bags from the striking desert of La Guajira Peninsula which boarders Colombia and Venezuela. They are ethically handmade by the women of an indigenous artisan Native American tribe called the Wayuu. The bags are unique with no two the exact same, and can take up to 3 weeks (in between their other duties) to make one bag. I instantly fell in love with the bag with their amazing colours, the quality of the bags and of course the story of how they are made. I immediately knew how amazing they would be in Australia. Upon this discovery, we also came across the Wayuu hat, each hat takes 8 hours (uninterrupted) by the Wayuu man to weave by hand, and is made from 100% Iraka Palm straw.  The Wayuu hats are really popular with many celebs too. 

El Raco Australia is about finding unique fashion pieces from corners of the world that you will be able to use year after year. When buying from us, you are buying knowing that we have only sourced the best quality products that are handmade with care and love and they are products that we believe in.

Enjoy our chic boutique,

Leanne xxx

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